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Sep 07, 2017 , posted by admin

The 3 Surefire ways to Improved Your Dealership Using Social Media

If you neglect SEO and social media in your digital marketing strategy, you’re doing that at your own peril. For you to be visible in the search result, you need SEO. On the other hand, social media, though new, has become an integral part of a digital strategy when considered in a holistic manner.

Most times, the dealers never seem to recognize the relationship between SEO and social media. The impact of a good content, goes beyond the social platforms and imposes the need for dealers to think about SEO and social strategy as being one and the same.

You can grab potential customers’ attention using the display and paid search advertising. But for social media and SEO in this context, the support they offer to brand visibility across traditional search engines cannot be over-emphasized. And if the truth must be told, social media platforms consumers are deploying it to search for vehicles and dealerships.

Because both strategies work interdependently, below are the three surefire ways a strong social media presence can be of great help to your dealership’s search engine ranking and also improves it. Mind you, it’s a combination of high-quality and frequently updated content, informed by analytics.

1. Specific Audience Targeting

Social media has created a kind of community interaction that transcends borders. As a dealer, you can target potential car buyers using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and You Tube via demographics, keywords and geographical location. It is important that your social posts be directed at targeting a specific set of qualified, in-market shopper in your region.

Creating content may not cut it. Even hitting a post or tweet button may fall short of the mark to the extent that the right people may not even see the message. Reaching the right shopper and building a strong following in the process, requires careful examination of your social data so you can get a hold of the right targeting strategy that works.

2. Content Creation Relevant to your Offering

For major brands, their Facebook page ranks high on the SERPs. This is no surprise because of the tremendous SEO value that high-quality and relevant content commands.

What would you then classify as high-quality, relevant content? It comes in the form of an engaging and highly informative post. It could also be tweets, articles, a well-captioned photo, or video targeting a specific audience.

It goes beyond that. Linking to a supporting webpage and the use of keywords and geographic terms relating to your business are also part of the great social media content. Additionally, the linking of the content to your dealership’s website could also in a way strengthen your on-site advertising efforts and forms a synergy with your SEO strategy to improve search ranking.

It is equally imperative to use #hashtags when appropriate. Yes, you can say it has nothing to do with SEO ranking, but hashtags, when used timely has a way of increasing awareness and engagement of your social media content. You could expand your brand reach when you join on to something trending on the internet, which might be of importance to your marketing efforts.

3. Unify your Advertising Efforts.

Creating content that promotes your dealership strategy should also be in the mix. For example, new vehicles launch, and dealership event, sales promotion, etc. With this kind of content, you can link shoppers to the website, where marketing initiatives come in great details.

For links from social posts, they are considered “no follow”, meaning they have nothing to do with SEO, but can be of great influence on relevancy in the SERPs. With active websites, search engine takes a foothold, because they like such sites. These sites are being clicked and engagement takes place right there.

Social signals get a boosting via the increase in the volume of shared links via social content. Long time search visibility is impacted in a positive manner and also ranking.

Be reminded that links to your website will have no impact in SEO value directly. But be rest assured that Google will take notice of the social-originated traffic. Exponential impact can create outside user engagement and can generate authoritative backlink.

You’ll quite agree that SEO and social media play a huge role in today’s digital marketing strategy. The idea is to ensure that each of them are effectively deployed, alongside strategic interconnection. This will help you reach your target audience as much as possible without excessive content being churned out.

It’s of paramount importance that relevant content creation becomes the order of the day, with keywords that matter to your offering– even hashtags and links. When you post as frequently as possible, it’s only a matter of time that your dealership will be high up there on the SERPs, occupying the right amount of space.

Get the SEO and social media advantage for your dealership; you need it to improve your bottom line.

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