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Sep 07, 2017 , posted by admin

Maximize your Retargeting to Increase Conversions

Who wouldn’t want to get high ROI while leveraging the several opportunities on the web? For dealers, they are unknowingly shooting themselves in the foot—actively focusing on attracting new visitors and the practice of retaining returning visitors languish in dungeons of neglect.

Little did they know that returning visitors have the capacity to spend more because your dealership is not new to them and they have familiarity what your service offering. So the more viable thing to do as a dealer is to fine-tune your retargeting strategy to attract more returning visitors.

But one must first understand while most dealers channel little effort at re-engaging buyers with vehicles.

The Returning Visitor Advantage

This is how it works for a prospective car buyer searching for the right choice using the web: assume the buyer already knows the car of his choice. Now, the search begins with a couple of visits to review sites; this is to ensure that the choice he’s making is the right one. Thus, the search for dealership follow suit. The moment the seemingly right car is found, interaction and engagement with the element of Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) begins. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the dealer calls the prospective buyer as a reminder that the car of their choice is available, and thereby convince them to make a buying decision. To get a hold on this as a buyer, you can equally call or visit the dealership in person.

You can akin this to another prospective buyer walking into your dealership with the interest to buy the Ford F150, and thereafter, your sales rep actively follows up with calls for F150s.

And don’t get it twisted; it is applicable to all retail sales. A recent e-commerce study even has it that a returning visitor spends almost twice the amount spent by a new visitor online. Again, a returning visitor will mostly likely include an item in their online shopping cart as opposed to a new visitor, who doesn’t.

Implementing Retargeting the Right Way

You’ll quite agree that retargeting campaigns didn’t just come out of the blues. It has been in existence before now, and so many dealers are not new to the concept. But to take full advantage of it, proper care must be exercised so as to get prospective buyers closer to their dream car more than ever before; common mistakes could hamper that journey of implementing retargeting the right way.

With an excellent remarketing strategy, then you can now begin to look into the new and returning visitor metrics and compare and contrast forthwith to gain insight as to what works.

Have a look at our recommended retargeting best practices, and if you’re using any that might be something you’re doing right.

Operating Practices of Retargeting

  • Retargeting should be done based on what shoppers are actively getting their eyes on, searching for, and even clicking on. It should never be done based on what you think their interest would be.
  • With market segmentation in the picture, put all the different audiences into perspective and ensure retargeting strategies that best fit each one. Never retarget new car buyers just as you would for pre-owned buyers.
  • Exempt retargeting for general offer .Instead, go with buyers with specific inventory currently on your lot.

There is no gainsaying that you want more leads that would eventually turn into loyal customers. And when this becomes a reality, never allow them slip out of your fingers just yet; they have the potential to help you increase your ROI.

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