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Sep 07, 2017 , posted by admin

Leveraging Facebook Ad for your Dealership

You might be catching the fun of your life while at a friend’s party with lots to eat and drink, and it seems like the party should go on forever. Then you get a beep from your phone; a message from another friend informing you of a party nearby that is as exciting or even better, and you just can’t wait to be part of it. This scenario is akin to how Facebook advertising works. Read on to get the whole idea.

In Facebook ad, It is possible to target specific people using a special kind of messaging and offers. With a combination of Facebook’s latest ad products in conjunction with precise targeting that is determined by the user’s in-market shopping behavior, social media interests, and location. This simply means you can capture customers that wants your offer by persuading them to buy from you with something enticing.

This kind of targeting is cost-effective because you only reach people that are interested in what you offer. Here’s how it’s done.

Using Local Awareness Ads

With Local Awareness ads, reaching a local audience within a set geotarget is possible. The ad will get only to people that live within the area of target or have visited that area recently.Using targeting based on location alongside in-marketing and interests targeting provides the opportunity to reach customers just at the right time. You can tailor ads to target customers based on their preferences to achieve a desired result.

In-Market Targeting: What is it all about?

This is targeting based on the intent of potential customers to make a purchase as a result of the content of the sites they’ve browsed, ads clicks and also offline consumer behavior.

Interests Targeting

This is targeting based on the kind of posts people like and share on Facebook and Instagram, apps being used, even ads clicked and pages liked.

The awesomeness of Local awareness ads cannot be underestimated; it gets you ahead of the game in your sphere of endeavor. You can target the physical area around a competitor’s dealership and reach people doing all sorts, like shopping for a new car or just relaxing with a cup of coffee in the waiting room. So while a potential customer is waiting to be attended to and going on a liking spree on Fcaebook, your ad can pop up and deliver a better offer.

If you really want to get a hold of this, then you have to be a lot more compelling with your offers if you’re focusing your target on your competitor’s location. There must be something about your offer that will make them visit your website or come in person to your dealership.

Lead Generation Ads Strategy

Lead generation ad helps you to capture customer’s basic information. Similar to any ad you come across on Facebook. The only difference is that it pops up a form for collecting the information.

You need to entice your customers with a compelling offer for them to give out their information because it’s of great value to them, so giving it out has to be in exchange for something they value too. Once that has been achieved, it is paramount that you reach out to them and proffer solutions to their needs.

Using Lead Ads the right way for your Dealership

  • Collect valuable information like vehicle make, model, year, and it condition by putting forward special offers to entice them.
  • Collect valuable information on customers’ current leases via special price lease.
  • A coupon service offering and ensure it is included in CRM for regular service reminder.

Using the Gathered Lead the Right Way

  • Use email campaign as at when appropriate; send out newsletters, vehicle demos, service offers, etc.
  • Create a custom email list after collecting the emails via a lead generation form, targeting same users with different ads.
  • Ask open-ended questions that revolve around lifestyle and interest. By so doing, you can collect customer profile information. With their responses, you can aggregate and segment the audience and then target for other ads.

Dynamic Retargeting Ads Strategy

This allows you to show ads to customers that have looked at specific inventory on your site. What it does is that it leverages on a user’s browsing history on your site and it’s delivered in a carousel format. The dynamic ad shows a combination of vehicles a consumer has viewed in time past when next the person is scrolling through his or her news feed.

Dynamic retargeting cannot be neglected; in fact, it is a critical part of your lower-funnel PPC strategy. When you do this, you’re invariably re-engaging users that have demonstrated the intent to make a purchase. Done using Facebook, it brings you closer to reaching users based on their mobile and online patterns.

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