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PPC Management

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a type of internet marketing which refers to online advertising payment model and is the most accountable form of advertising, where the amount of money you spend is based solely on qualifying click-throughs which mean you can set an exact budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.

These ads appear in the top position above the rail of the organic on a search engine’s results page (SERP).

Ultimately PPC marketing is a way of buying quality visits to your website rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically using black-box search engine optimization (SEO) methods that often take years to prove results.


Pay-Per-Click Management That Works

Full Speed Advertising offers complete PPC program development as well as ongoing optimization and PPC management services. The first question we often begin with is to determine which platforms have yielded the best results within your specific industry. For most businesses, the best results are often produced by using a combination of various methods and channels to guide the entirety of an online customer’s journey. Whether you need month-to-month management, a new set of eyes on a campaign, or a complete rebuild for your internal team to manage, we provide a clear strategic direction for generating the maximum online revenue.


PPC Management Services Available

We offer the following services to our PPC clients:

  • Defining campaign strategies and organization
  • Advanced keyword research and selection
  • Creative development, following AIDA: attention, interest, desire, action processes
  • PPC bid management and ROI tracking
  • Identify landing pages that convert and improving quality scores
  • Implement campaign conversion tracking
  • PPC account settings
  • PPC monthly analysis
  • Campaign assessment and recommendations for further improvement


Access your Accounts

Get Access to PPC Advertising data with your account, set automatic reporting schedules and more.



All of our packages come with complete transparency into your account. This means no more guessing about fee structures or the frequency and quality of our optimization practices.



Our process goes beyond plain old search campaigns and includes custom remarketing ads, call tracking and more.


Increased Performance

In order to improve performance, we will analyze and optimize your existing campaigns if you already have a Google AdWords account.


Dedicated Management

Work directly with our PPC specialists and Management Team to stay in the know with your PPC campaigns.


Custom Reporting

Our Custom Client Reporting gives you the versatility to report on what matters most to your business.


Our Pricing

As every campaign is not same, it’s impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all price. The price of the service will vary depending on your keyword volume and campaign budget.


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