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Cabana Life

Cabana Life is a US-based e-commerce brand that sells high quality vacation clothing designed to provide skin protection from harmful UV rays. Founded by a melanoma survivor, the purpose driven fashion brand generates millions in online sales revenue yearly.

Cabana Life met with the Full Speed Advertising team in early 2018 with the goal of executing profitable Facebook advertising campaigns to increase social media channel revenue during their busiest season of the year. After running campaigns for only 30 days, the Full Speed team was able to significantly impact their bottom line providing:

  • Over 700% Increase in revenue
  • 46% increase in site ROAS
  • 18% decrease in cost per purchase

How We Did It:

  • Ad Creative
  • Audience Refinement
  • Ad Set Structure and Segmentation

Puget Law Group

Puget Law Group is one of Seattle’s top attorneys’ firms with over eleven years of experience handling DUI and other criminal cases in Seattle, Federal Way, Tacoma and throughout Western Washington.

Puget Law Group came to Full Speed Advertising seeking help in managing their paid campaigns in Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. With the primary task of increasing lead volume at a desirable cost efficiency, within three months we were able to exceed lead volume targets and increase conversion rate 29%. We tackled these challenges by optimizing the structure of existing campaigns, segmenting remarketing target audiences, and A/B testing of landing pages and ad copy.

How We Did It:

  • Utilized Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Segmented Remarketing Audience
  • A/B Landing Page Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimized Design
Digital Marketing Agency Seattle WA Client Case Studies

A To Z Tees

A to Z started in 1989 providing comfy sustainable clothing to small local boutiques. Since then, they expanded across the USA and online. Their mission has always remained the same: to provide chic and casual everyday outfits, hand-knit from natural fabrics and delivered to their customers at affordable prices. Their designs are created in Seattle and produced in Turkey.

Before working with Full Speed Advertising, A To Z Tees did not have a current PPC strategy in place and needed help launching new campaigns, setting up conversion tracking, and creating sales funnels. Through rigorous testing, a flexible strategy, and a dedicated partnership their online sales increased to over $85k/month (we’re talking a 105 percent increase!).

How We Did It:

  • Multi-Channel Integrated Campaign Strategy
  • Facebook + Sales Funnels
  • Custom & Tested Creative
  • AdRoll Retargeting
Full Speed Advertising Seattle Client Case Studies

Soursop Tea

The Soursop Tea is a US-based tea manufacturer and distributor of organic soursop matcha tea supplements.

With promising results through online distribution channels in the US during the first few months after founding, the CEO reached out to Full Speed Advertising with the intention of expanding online sales internationally at margins similar to what they were achieving in domestic markets.

After building and optimizing multi-channel customer acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Search for only 60 days, the Full Speed team was able to significantly increase site revenue through international expansion and efficiency improvements. Highlights include:

  • Over 160% increase in site revenue
  • 77% increase in site ROAS
  • 9% increase in site AOV

How We Did It:

  • Ad Set Scaling Using Advanced Manual Bid Strategies
  • A/B Testing Designs and Value Propositions
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Abandoned Checkout Retargeting and Email Automation


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